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Find the right angel investor, advisor, accelerator, VC fund, PE fund or investment service for your startup

Create Introductions

We create an AI-accelerated email for you that was recently used to raise a $2.5 Million Seed Round.

Manage Your Outreach

Manage everyone you talk to in separate lists within our system. Introduce, Follow-Up, and Repeat, all in one.


Find Relevant Investors

Leveraging Real-Time B2B Data, we created one of the most comprehensive yet accurate investor databases in existence. With over 70,000 contacts for your next capital raise and taking your business to the next level.


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Find Investors, Advisors, Accelerators, and More in Seconds


Save Your Favorite Investors

We built a minimalist CRM for keeping track of your investor outreach for you. Create lists for research, move individual investors to an outreach and follow-up list, and much more. No more tracking important things like capital raise outreach in spreadsheets anymore.


Start Pitching

We not only help you find the perfect investors or advisors for your business but we also help you make the first step. Leveraging a strategy that has helped a startup raise $2.5 Million Dollars in their Seed Round, we generate personalized intro emails for you. Kicking off your capital raise has never been easier before.


Why Is CapitalConnector Different?

There are many things to explore on our platform. Try it for Free today!

Over 75,000 Contacts

CapitalConnector has clean and up-to-date data on angel investors, mentors & advisors, accelerators & incubators, VC funds, PE funds, and investment services for your startup.

Emails, Phone Numbers, and More

CapitalConnector is one of the largest available investor contact databases, saves you hundreds of hours of research and helps you pitch quickly.

All Around The World

With CapitalConnector you get access to investors all across the world but you can filter by investment location preferences.

Introduction Made Simple

CapitalConnector generates custom intro emails to your target investor using a strategy that has previously helped raise a $2.5 Million Seed Round for .

Any Stage & All Industries

From SaaS to fashion or Pre-Seed to ICO, CapitalConnector has access to the right investors for your needs, all in one platform.

Easy Exporting

Did you find who you were looking for? You can easily build your list of investors and export all their information at your fingertips.

Not just another Spreadsheet!​

CapitalConnector is powered by Bytient Technologies the real-time B2B infrastructure provider behind data platforms like and more.

76 K

Contacts In Our Database

66 M

Data Points on Investors

Our Investor Outreach Works

Startups are raising millions by leveraging cold outreach

Michael Bamberger Co-Founder @Tetra Insights

“I’ve done a lot of cold email in my career. I’ve learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work. I built my last business on cold email, basically.” - after raising $7 million to date.

Jason Lemkin VC @SaaStr

Lay it all out! Make the email sell itself. If the metrics, pitch >and< opportunity are great ... you'll hear back then. Probably fast.

Allie Janoch CEO @mapistry

I had a 33% success rate in scheduling a meeting/calls after sending a cold email. Some investors are even vocal about their willingness to take a meeting based on a cold email. So don’t be afraid to give it a shot.

Got Questions?

Who is in your Investor Database?

We have over 75,000 contacts available in our database. Investors in sports, AI, crypto, biotech, and much more. They are all located across the world with their individual preferences and investment thesis’.

What do I do with investor emails?

Do not spam these investors. It’s one of the reasons we did not enable automation for sending our AI-generated emails in bulk. Please reach out to each investor individually and be mindful of your goal.

Does Cold Emailing Investors Work?

Not all investors are going to take meetings from cold emails, but many do. Expect about 1 in 3 investors, if targeted correctly, in requesting more information about you. But don’t just throw together an email.

Do you have a free trial?

We have a free plan available, but it comes with no contact information or advanced tools. Our free plan, however, does include a Fundraising Masterclass to get your capital raise started efficiently.

How did you get this data?

Our parent company, Bytient Technologies, is a real-time B2B data infrastructure provider and has other platforms such as the lead generation platform We use the same data but targeted on this specific use case.

How often is this data updated?

We have a variety of systems that pulls our data in real time from Bytient’s API network. But as a general rule, about 95% of our dataset should be valid and up-to-date at any given time.

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